L.A. Jones Tax and Accounting Services, Inc. offers a wide range of professional services tailored to the clients’
specific needs.

Tax Preparation & Planning

  • Timely and efficient federal and state tax return preparation
  • Personal and business tax issues in compliance with current federal, state and local tax legislation
  • State and local sales, payroll and excise tax return preparation
  • Estate and trust tax returns

Accounting Services and Financial Statements

Management-use financial statements are an important tool for business decision making. L.A. Jones Tax and Accounting Services, Inc. can provide comprehensive accounting services to facilitate the financial operation of your business including providing assistance to make sure your accounting and financial systems keep pace with your business needs. 

Business Consulting Services

  • Management Advisory Services- Being able to make the right decisions is important to the future of a business. All business owners will need to make decisions to deal with business problems or opportunities, including expanding, selling or restructuring a business. A comprehensive analysis of an existing situation will facilitate making the right decisions.
  • Business Entity Selection- Different business entity types (LLC, sole proprietorship, partnership, C-corporation, S-corporation etc.) can have significant financial and tax implications. L.A. Jones Tax and Accounting Services, Inc. can explain each choice, its implications and help make the best decision based on a client’s situation.
  • Review and compilation services- L.A. Jones Tax and Accounting Services, Inc. does not offer auditing services nor can it provide independent reviews of financial statements to third parties, but does provide internal management-use review and compilation services.

Notary Public Services

Notary public services are available by appointment.